Connected creativity.

we are from all over the world and we are from different generation, but one thins is common: we are crative and we know how social media algorithm works.

Our Team

We are all Hungarians, but we live all over the word.  One of us lives in Budapest, the other is in Iceland, one of us sometimes lives in Lisbon, somethimes in Cyprus and sometimes in Szigetszentmiklós, but 2 things are common:  passion and connection.  We are from differrent generations, but we are all connected.  Join us now!  work with us!  We have been waiting for you, no matter where you are.  We love unique personalities.

We are all passionated about social media. We will connect you as well.


O, yes!  We love dogs.

Maci & Bori the bosses

Why join us

we want you.

If you are always on TikTok all the time sharing something, if you like making videos and you are reliable you join us!

We’re Hiring

Open positions.

If you know how to make a Tiktok video and you are reliable please join us.  We love unique, creative and reliable people, Are you unique?

If you are interested in social media , especially Tiktok and you are reliable we are waiting for you in our connected team.

If you know how to create and place an add in social media we want you.

We want to work with you if you know how to write contect with a creative way with AI and other intelligence toos.

Drop Us A Line.

Please just drop us a line if you were looking for us all your life.  Let’s get connected!