Unique Ideas.

We are creative and we know how social media works.  We do TikTok videos for our brands.  TikTok is the number 1 social media platfom now.

Do not miss it!  800 million people are connected and they spent 52 minutes on the platform every day. You can connect your customer through TikTok if you are doing it right.  We know how. In your bio you need to link your website.  We can even make your website that sells.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our teams members are from different generation.  M@gnes is over 50, she is marketing communication and branding expert, Dani is an IT man, he does webdevelopment.  He is 32 and very reliable.  Ricsi is only 23 and he is a very good TikTok video creator and editor.We put together our knowledge for the best solution.

Of course it depends on what exactly you want.  

We can make a beuatiful and converting website for your business connected to all your social media account for the best results.  

We can do all your social media presence, we can brand your product.  It is up to you.

After we found out what your business need, we create a fantastic website for you with everything it needs. We find out together your content, your brand and after that we start creating.  You will love this process.

For us it takes 2-4 weeks to put together an efficient and converting website.  The rest is up to you.  We can start as soon as you can send us the pictures and content you desire to have on your website.

We work online, so you can write us any time and we will contact you as soon as we can.  

Our Mission

innovative & bespoke.

We do a creative branding for you which is innovative and bespoke.

our team

Dani does the web development. He is so precise and reliable. Your website will be in secure.
Technical Assistnt/Webdeveloper
Agnes is the founder, she is an online marketing and branding specialist.

Let’s get started.

You know that others’ businesses are growing like crazy, but you do not know how to start?  We do it with you.